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Who is South Korea's new president?

Last week, Yoon Suk-yeol (of the People Power Party) has been elected new president of South Korea, defeating his main liberal opponent in one of the country's most tense presidential elections. In the past, Yoon was a conservative top prosecutor (an official who puts people on trial on behalf of the government), but resigned in spring of 2021, announcing that he will be running for president.

Mr Yoon during the televised presidential debate before the presidential election, KSB studio, Seoul, South Korea [Image Credit: Jung Yeon-Je - Pool/Getty Images]

Yoon's international policy

Mr Yoon appears to be largely focused on toughening South Korea's political approach to China and North Korea compared to the former president, Moon Jae-in. Mr Yoon also seems to take great interest in creating closer political ties with the US.

Yoon's domestic policy

Rapidly rising housing prices, slow economic growth and youth unemployment were, reportedly, the top concerns among voters. To tackle these problems, during his campaign, Mr Yoon promised to use methods like reducing minimum wages and removing restrictions on working hours.

There is also controversy to Mr Yoon's presidential campaign, whereas he promised to close down the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, which was heavily supported by young male voters who argued that gender inequality is not a major problem in the country. The Ministry, however, was essential in providing educational, social and family-based services in the country, as well as funding the fight against gender inequality. Mr Yoon's anti-feminist views have also raised concern among the women of South Korea, where gender inequality is prevalent.

Mr Yoon is expected to take office this May to begin his 5-year long term as president.


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