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Lebanon still struggling to recover from the 2020 port explosion

Though it’s been over a year since the explosion occurred on the only port of Beirut, the press hasn’t stopped talking about its long-term effects on the country as a whole.

On top of the challenges brought by corruption, inflation and the ongoing world pandemic, the August 4 explosion (allegedly the worst accident of its kind in Lebanon’s history) only aggravated the overall situation in the country. Such complications range from property destruction to displacement of hundreds of thousands of people and extreme impoverishment of most wealth groups.

The main struggles of those affected include the shortage of medicine, food and other necessities. According to Save the Children, if the situation continues, more children will be dying of malnutrition and hunger each day. To make things worse, the UN says that over 4 million people risk losing access to safe drinking water in the next few weeks - mainly due to a lack of funding to maintain water pumping.

To address the crisis, Save the Children called for donations to families in need. The enterprise also urged the Lebanese government to set up a social program aiming to cover monthly basic needs for families. The action will enable children to access food, electricity, health care, clean water and continue to go to school.

Children in Beirut amid the national crisis in the rubbish searching for food [Image credit: Hassan Ammar]


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