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Kremlin vs. The World: six months into the Russian invasion of Ukraine

It has been over six months since Russia launched the invasion of Ukraine. Here is a summary of some of the key events of the war so far:

Help from the West

Adding to the previous $9.1 billion that the US had already provided since the war

began in February, this week, US announced a new $3 billion package of military aid to Ukraine. Other sources of military help to Ukraine include the UK, Germany and Sweden and NATO with humanitarian aid.

Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant

Key stats

What's next?

Even after months of immense sanctions (including personal sanctions on Putin), bans on exports of oil and gas and other means by which the West has tried to suffocate Russia, the Kremlin is not showing signs of pulling back anytime soon.

While Russia continues its invasion of Ukraine (to the point of introducing the Russian rouble as the currency in regions like Zaporizhzhia and Kherson), President Zelensky demanded Russia withdraw its army, adding that Ukraine will not surrender any of its lands. I would argue that negotiations are a dead end.

Both Ukraine and Russia have laid out their conditions for truce, but no progress had been made in solving the conflict diplomatically. [Image Source: Malte Mueller via Getty Images]

As the war persists, it is our duty as the observers to continue informing ourselves on the war in Ukraine and actively spreading word on the matter. The only action we should be avoiding is remaining indifferent, as the war in Ukraine cannot be ignored, or worse - dismissed as unimportant.


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