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My connection to Polymath Weekly

Upon entering the first year of high school, one of my teachers began lecturing my entire grade to engage with the world by keeping up with mainstream politics, culture and everything that went with staying aware of what is going on around us. She liked to say that each of us was enclosed in our tight little bubble of suppressed knowledge. By keeping ourselves behind the opaque walls, we kept ourselves from growing and developing. She even supplied us with multiple sources to make it easier to process scary headlines of large-scale broadcasting corporations, so I tried to make use of it. Though they helped to a certain extent, they often lacked cultural inclusivity, political and geographic diversity, or did not inspire me or my peers to widen our outlook on our world. 

The foundation of Polymath Weekly lies in the conclusion that I have come to, followed by the misfortunes of trying to "burst my bubble": being aware of critical global issues paves the way to the ability to solve them.

And if as much as one person closes the tab on their browser having felt an expansion or the opaque walls of their bubble clearing, it's all worth it. 

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